Dorad'El: Gold Rush

Midas and the Arena Jailbreak

En route to Capros from Dunehide after retrieving the Staff of Earthen Might from an abandoned laboratory in the Grotesque Swamp, the ragtag party was ambushed into a pit by the brother of resident minotaur PC Thordon Asteram, Midas. Midas Asteram was a former gladiatorial champion in Capros, and due to his crowd-pleasing nature and knowledge of the arena fighting circuit, he was elected manager of the Caprosian Coliseum.

Midas revealed that his brother was an escaped slave, who flew he coop about a week prior. In exchange for Thordon’s freedom, Midas offered that his brother and his allies fight a few rounds in the gladiator arena. If they win, they go free. If not…well, they won’t see the light of day for a while.

Within their holding cells, the party encountered Rawk, a ruffian kenku also enslaved for combat. Through a well-performed bluff on Rawk’s part, he tricked the party into letting he and his allied kenku brothers and pet hawks escape, while the party had to take on a slew of goblin guards.

Catching the black-feathered fowl before his group flew the coop, the party engaged the flock of kenkus, leaving Rawk at their mercy. If the party can save Rawk’s brother, they will gain tickets to the Siren Song VII, the legendary vessel that leads to the mystical island of Dorad’El…



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